When he was created by Stan Lee? The world hadn’t see anything of a costume of the sorts before and there can only be derivatives of it from this point on. And if your going to reply : Well Stan Lee didn’t “originally” create the spider. Obviously no. But the costume really has no semblance to any real spider. Nor do spiders swing from objects to objects by means of it’s web. So is Spiderman an “original” character?



KetchupLogo copyI guess if I want to keep this blog I’d better write on it occasionally. Not that I don’t love addressing you, my huddled masses, its just that its difficult for a father of 2 (soon to be 3!) with a full time job to find the time to write about the things I love discussing.  But you didn’t come here to find excuses, did you?  Oh no you did not.  You came here for the same reason everyone else comes here! Because Google Image Search told you to!


Panels That Make Us Love Comics

I’m not sure what I like better here.  The phrase ‘Wheelchair of Death’, or the fact that Logan and Armor are having a lengthy conversation right in the middle of a game of Patty-Cake.

…well what would YOU call what she’s doing there? If she was gonna push him, he’d be on the ground before the end of that first sentence.

X-Men Destiny Review

So, as you know by now, I’m a big sucker for comic-themed video games. We’ve talked about, we’ve done that, let’s move on.I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting big things out of X-Men Destiny. It looked kind of cool, but wasn’t going to be a blockbuster no matter how hard it tried. And that’s okay. It didn’t have to be. All it had to do was create a fun game, try a few new things, keep me entertained for a weekend.

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Weekly Ketchup 9-12 – Deus Ex, Fight for the Light, X-Men First Class, and More

I got through Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Finished the final boss fight this afternoon.  I really enjoyed the game, and I already want to go through on a second playthrough. The game strongly encourages replay, just because there are so many different areas to put your points into in order to progress through the game at different angles.

Game cover aptain america

Captain America: Super Soldier Video Game Review

As you probably know by now, I have a thing for video games based on comic book characters. I tend to be a little more lenient on them, I overlook their faults in favor of shilling the thrill of playing as your favorite superheroes. However, it must be very difficult to translate these characters into a playable form, because we have so few of these games that end up being genuinely GOOD games, without the moniker of ‘good for a comic book game’ or the dreaded ‘better than most movie games.’

Who thinks THIS looks Right?


Okay, I try to make a point not to criticize someone’s hard work. Especially artists. Everyone has their own style, and not everyone is going to agree on what looks good. But let me ask you a Question. Who thinks this looks right?

So Crysis 2 came out yesterday, and to be honest, this game wasn’t even on my radar. Yesterday morning I’m sitting here at work, getting ready to take the afternoon off.  Then I saw this launch trailer:

 And I thought to myself, “Hmmm…first person shooter…but with superpowers…just like FAR CRY!”



“One More Day” Deconstructed”

This is something I’ve tried to put off talking about for a while now. When writing about comics, its very difficult to put aside your own personal feelings about the characters, the stories, the writers, and just focus on the cold hard facts.  And maybe thats the way it should be, who can say? However, I sit down at my computer this morning to write, and I can’t get the subject out of my head, so here we go.


Namor The First Mutant 1 Panel

Here’s the thing.  ”Vampire Squid” as a phrase is awesome enough to be in this category all on its own, regardless of what the artwork was showing.